Still working on a million dollars but bragging about a million bars is symbolically how Tony Millions consistently proves he’s a top tier independent lyricist. While most modern day rappers mumble or gangsta rap, Tony Millions unapologetically contrast that by staying true to himself remaining positive and eternally original. Influenced by Lil Wayne, Jay-Z and Ludacris from first listen you’d realize his lyrics and well seasoned sound set him light years apart from the average upcoming artist.

Originally from Toledo, Ohio he relocated to Detroit, Michigan and surrounding cities. He gained experience performing locally which lead to national and international performances including freestyling on Shade 45 Cypher Day in front of Sway Calloway in Austin, Texas. Stepping outside his comfort zone he freestyled every song on his Stay Home and Smoke EP which gained celebrities attention from his Dark Stout Freestyle music video. His profile expanded when he released “Dark Stout Remix” featuring Bay Area legend Lil B and “Top Five” with billboard charting artist Sada Baby. Tony Millions developed his fan base from releasing his first two full studio albums Dude, Where’s My Backwoods and Highdrated which lead to him performing at SXSW twice and opening for Chief Keef. Recently Amber Rose appeared on his Instagram feed listening to his song Lust or Love which is the first single from his third and latest studio album I Ain’t Rich Yet, set to release July 2021. Later that year he took the freestyle formula from Stay Home and Smoke and released Talk To ‘Em Tony. In 2022 his single Blow My High featuring Big Saturn was released again as a remix with a feature from D12’s very own Bizarre.